An Unlikely Venture.


Dobson's Distillery is the illigitimate brainchild of Stephen & Lyn Dobson. Driven by a lifetime love of Gin and Whiskey, hard work, some good friends and dumb luck.


Dobson's is based in the sleepy village of Kentucky, nestled at over a kilometer above sea level, Kentucky is blessed with some of the purest recorded rainfall in Australia. With an EC reading approaching zero. Water of such purity is a rarity and we believe is one of the many things that contribute to our unique products.


Terroir is a term rarely used in the case of spirits...but there is a definately a sense of terroir in Dobson's spirits, just as a fine Hebridean whiskey will nestle away the iodine and sweet smells of the sea, so our spirit's reflect their place of distillation and aging.


Not afraid to experiment, we have developed some unique techniques including micro-oxygenation of whiskeys, Steam filtration of vodka through amorphous volcanic glass, etc...all of which contribute to the vivid story that is Dobson's.

Our Old Kentucky Home.


Dobson's Distillery is situated at Eastview Estate, Kentucky, in the sublime New England Highlands. Eastview is a winery, brewery and restaurant... but above all, it is a distillery. A delicious bubbling gurgling magical distillery, and the obsession of one distiller, Stephen Dobson.

Winter in Kentucky.

The Sublime beauty of the highlands is never more evident than in winter. The world slows to a more measured pace. And open fires beckon... An open fire, a good dog and a good whiskey, are my idea of heaven. ....




Recently voted unanimously" Australia's best Gin and Tonic ", from a field of 23 Australian gins. by Gourmet Traveller. Not just Australia' best but one of the worlds best. This 21 botanical, big  blousey, floral and herbal extravaganza...will turn your toes to cupcakes.

Double and triple distilled 100% barley single malt whiskeys... Made with grain friom the Baird's Inverness malt house. While celtic in style, our whiskeys are representative of a developing New England Highland style.

Light and pure... Dobsons range of vodkas are amongst the purest in the world by virtue of the strick cutting so that only the purist hearts of the distilling run are used... Our vodka is filtered through a Carter Head containing amorphous volcanic glass.

Le Caf and Beaureguards Mouse are distinct examples of sophisticated liqueurs.

A cachophony of amazing flavours and fragrance to elevate the palate of any cocktail