The delicious delicate dance of botanicals and light pure spirit, that is expressed in Dobson's Gin is only found in the finest of Gin's.  And for good reason, you see Dobson's is one of only a handful of Gin makers in the world to employ the rarest of specialist Gin stills... The Carter head still. There are believed to be less than six working Carter Heads in the world,  Thankfully one of them is here at Dobson's.

The Carter head is unique in the  way it extracts the Botanicals which make up the molecular soup that is Gin. Instead of coursely extracting by soaking the botanicals in ethanol as most gins distillers do. We  do not steep the botanicals  in fact not even allowed into contact with the neutral spirit: they are packed into a "flavour basket" through which the 95.6% pure alcohol vapour passes on its way to be condensed back into liquid. Leaving the impurities and volatile oils behind...the resulting gin is light, fragrant and balanced.


Our London Style Gin

Our house dry Gin is a light fragrant English style,  At home with tonic, it really comes into it's own in a martini. The crisp bone dry finish and elegant balance of spice and sweet botanicals is unique and delicious. There are few Gin's in the world to compare with this craft distilled wonder.





Juniper,   Corriander,   David Austin Rose,   Cardamon,   Pepper   Lime Zest,   Lemon Zest,   Navel Orange Zest, Ginger,   Almond,  Lemongrass,   Clove,   Dill,   Orris Root,   Angelica,   Chamomile,  Dried Sweet Orange