The speakeasy is our very special Jazz & Blues bar. Cool relaxed and stylish. A temple to steampunk with a prohibition vibe. Good food, jazz, roots and blues music and a high definition cinema screen streaming funky and fun films. Truly unique.

No, Chi Chi !


If the atmosphere of a venue counts to you, then you are in for a real treat here. This is the real deal, a finely crafted, welcoming and comfortable space where we have 8 all grain craft beers on tap.

Enter the hipisphere… Vintage Jazz and Blues videos stream on the high definition cinema screen. Nothing like Charlie Parker or Thelonious Monk to transport you to another era.

Irreverent fun and informal...the speakeasy is an atmospheric hang for bohemians of ill intent.

Hey...why not join us for some laughs, unique food and a few drinks.

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