Folks Here she is...the very stylish Zinda Laash from the Urdu film  'Dracula in Pakistan' 1967.  .. Zinda can be seen most nights cutting the rug in  the Speakeasy bar. There is Cool, Uber Cool, Ultra Cool then Zinda Laash. Boy this chick is one hot mama.

What can I say...  Hell lets throw the cat amongst the chickens and watch the feathers fly.

This is without doubt one of the most amazing performances you will ever see...It is no secret,  I love jazz and blues...But this girl was blues incarnate... man she was fine.

Learn Disco...


when you come to Eastview, it is imperative that you have the most basic of social skills. So to help you feckless fools fake a cooler persona, we provide these training videos.... Just watch and see how easy it is to be as cool as the others...remember with great drinking...comes great responsibility.


OK now you have the skills...It is time to move your groove thing to this great new track.... YMCA in Finnish. Cool huh.

Now you are an Eastview Groovemaster try your new found coolness dancing to this catchy tune...if you complete this exercise you are now cool enough to drink at  Eatsview.