Vodka is a highly distilled beverage composed primarily of ethanol and water, made by the distillation of fermented substances that can vary from grain, potatoes, fruits or sugar. In fact almost any and every source of starch or sugar can be used for it's production. In  Australia  by law all vodka must be over 37% abv, in Europe it is 37.5% while in the USA it only has to be 30%abv.

At Dobson's we have a passion for a very pure form of Vodka using only the very heart of the distilling run. It is our policy to never use more than the center 45% of the distillation run, what is known as the "heart of hearts". This renders an incredibly pure and soft vodka. which is clean and clear of the usual taint and burn of many commercial vodkas. If you, as the Slavic & Nordic nations do, prefer your vodka straight up. You will not believe just how smooth a vodka can be.


I was inspired to make pure vodka after tasting an Icelandic vodka, Reyka which differs from all other vodka's in that it is distilled in a Carter Head still. and filtered through volcanic rock. To create a vodka which would reflect the uniquely smooth and lingering style of Carter head distilled vodka became our quest..


There are only a handful commercial Carter Head stills in the world, Spirits such as Bombay Sapphire, Hendrik's and Reyka owe their unique quality and style to this amazing still.


So it became clear that if we were to achieve the standard of vodka and gin we aspired to, we would require a Carter Head still. So working with Allan from the venerable 5 Star distilling company we went about designing our very own Carter Head.


 Before going into production of the still we tested our design using a copper prototype. The resulting gin and vodka were incredibly smooth and subtle. With clear clean finish and in the case of the gin a brilliant floral refreshing palate.

Our unique new still comprises a 8 inch wide by 4 meter high fractionating column. Which uniquely has a set of butterfly valves which can direct the vapor to a choice of two different condensers, depending on whether one is making Gin or Vodka.

flavoured vodka

eau de vie

Vodka is the base spirit for many of the most popular drinks in the world of spirits. It is the base of gin, absinthe, almost all clear spirits and is a very common liqueur base. It's versatility stems from the neutral nature and purity of the distilled spirit. It does not interfere too much with other flavours. Thus it is ideal for flavored spirits and infusions.


Here at Dobson's we make a variety of flavored, vodka based products. Ranging from the worlds only David Austin Rose Petal Vodka, which is a seasonal summer product. To lemon and orange vodka's. Vodka is also used as the base for our famous Le Caf liqueur.


Many of our products use a secret infusion method to make tinctures of the pure flavor components of natural products, fruits and flowers. These are then blended and often re distilled to create Eau de Vie's of the many unique flavors we are known for.



When asked to describe Orange Blossom Vodka by a fellow distiller I described it as being like sitting on the verandah of the long bar at Raffles in 1924 over  looking the fan palms at sunset.... I know it sounds strange but I have never found a better description. This is a tropical refresher, with the balance of the orange acid to sweetness achieved by the use of leaf stevia, So no carbs and diabetic friendly.....My favourite.

Limone is a lemon/lime refresher which adds a real zing to cocktails I love it with tonic ...but even more with frozen navel orange juice in a blender with a few drops of our Bitter's to make a slushy which on balance, is so wickedly good you may just have to have a second.... This is the drink I would choose to have as my last come the zombie apocalypse.

Marcel, Fifi, Trixibell and the girls at our Saturday night disco sessions....Divine

pure party

PURE VODKA... The name say's it all. Pure is the very essence of what vodka is. Light as an anoerexic fart, this is the lightest most neutral easiest drinking martini vodka in the world. Taken from the middle 45% of the distilling run. An absurd concept to most, if not all distillers the world round. We discard 55% of the stills run to ensure only the softest spirit is used. Our purpose designed still has two heads leading  to two different condensers, the first is to run off the heads and tails, the second is to a Carter steam infusion head filled with volcanic rock and carbon...the pure  alcoholic steam passes through this head from bottom to top. As it does the vodka is further polished to remove any impurities... after collection it then passes through an activated carbon filter, before being diluted to 40% ABV using rain water collected at over a kilometer above sea level. The attention to detail and the precise nature of this process assures that Pure is exactly that .....Pure.