It seems that every whiskey in the world has a back story,  you know,  of how it has been made by the same family of half blind midgets in a quasi   quaint Scottish highland village...the reality is that most are made in huge quantities in factories called distilleries....

We thought that we really needed a back story for our whiskey...and it is as truthful as most of the others.


Before you recieve your bottle of Dobson's whiskey, it is best that you know the magical tale of how it gets from us to you. It all starts with a secret field in the lowland bayou where vestal virgins tend the fields of barley, all cloned from one grain, given personally to our farmer by a passing vagrant who said he was the messiah. The susequent barley is peated over a fire of burning goats tended by quadruple amputees who scoop the grain up in their blistered lips and spit it onto the smouldering peat.


The mash is cooked over a fire of burning maggoty small meats to impart a rich scaley texture. Fermentation uses the yeast harvested from between the toes of drunken riverside vagrants in Paris. This heady blend is then distilled in a pot still containing a dead pidgeon, as an offering to Barry the god of petty criminals. The spirit is then re-distilled in a plate still.


Upon the completion of ageing on Venezualan Goose oak. The resulting spirit is transported down the mighty Kentucky Creek, on the august new moon. By five small but perfectly formed Russian novelists, sworn to nasal abstinence. The portage is by old birch bark canoe, navigating only by astrolabe. Upon landing the cask containing just two bottles of Dobson's is poured into the bottles. One is capped and placed on an altar of the purest gold, awaitng sale to you . The other is poured over the acursed ground to make a pentangle on the ground around a sacred goat wearing lipstick (Revlon - Summer's Gold Shimmer ) named Denise. The pentangle is then set alight and the Russian novelists take their place, each on his own corner of the which time they perform the japanese sacred act of Seppuku , The act of ritual disembowelment using a sharpened HB pencil for a blade.


We  think it is the birch in the canoe which really sets our whiskey apart.


This is done for each and every bottle of Dobson's...Never underestimate our we all should be commited.



Positions vacant


Seeking Russian novelists ( will consider Czech ) experience necessary.

Apply Dobson's distillery

The Back Story



Old Reliable is our lighter Irish style triple distilled whiskey.At 40% abv it is very lightly peated and aged over French Shiraz oak, a very approachable and smooth whiskey. The Irish style is easy drinking neat or on the rocks. It is made in rediculously small batches and is released evry six months or when the gods of oak determine that the required balance of smoothness and flavour has been achieved. Grains used are Golden Promise and Bairds Peated malt barley.




 A 60% abv  single malt barley whiskey with a  simple grain bill . Orange and vanilla/caramel notes carried on a glycerol  rich palate. This is Cask strength without the burn, due to the tight cutting at the distillation stage, The use of predominately hearts in the selection of the spirit have made a distinctive, rich and yet approachable sipping whiskey.


 a lingering complex finish.

Over time we will be producing limited releases of

small batch specialist whiskey's

These are really for the whiskey enthusiast.

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 A cask strength ( 60% abv)  single malt barley whiskey ... This is a big strong smokey whiskey for the afficianado. A robust unapologetic example of the whiskey makers craft. This one is a favourite of the single malt enthusiasts who visit the distillery.



 A cask strength ( 60% abv)  single malt, triple distilled whiskey ... This is a smooth, warm and easy drinking ( certainly for cask strength ) whiskey for the afficianado. The warm spirit leaves an orange and vanilla noted lingering palate.


Here at Dobson's we take our Whiskey making very seriously. We make rediculously small batches often as small as 50 litres. We are constantly honing and developing our craft. Ours is not a static and staid spirit, but a living growing spirit, which develops and aged over our own Shiraz, Madeira & Chardonnay aged French oak to assume the mantle of maturity.


Our passion...your reward.